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Original - Sin - Wrath Male Roster by MisterMya Original - Sin - Wrath Male Roster by MisterMya

Spent the last month and a half compiling the Male Character roster for the first part of a three part Trilogy known as ‘Sin’ my own idea that I hope to create into a game. I have nooo idea how long I spent in total but it was easily over the 30 hour range. Mainly so I can give some references for an upcoming contest >w<


The game will be a Third Person, Horror Themed, Action-RPG based in a recreated world in England, which is known as Asvaldr - where technology and evolution has advanced faster than the original world - where War, Architecture, Entertainment and the People have all been vastly accelerated and Art and Culture has not. The race of Hellspawn, monsters born of people’s Sin ravage the lands at night, the Champion: Lancelion and the Order of Knights to which he belongs is the only thing that stands against them in a web of conspiracy, betrayal and transgression.


The game will focus heavily on over the top action, where you will fight Creatures the size of Mountains, Dive from peaks under Ballista fire into a Citadel to eliminate its leader,  slay Gods and so much more, as well as terror inducing moments such as sneaking through dark caves with nothing but the light of your armour, avoiding creatures that will devour you or tear you apart, each with their own gut churning way of ending your life; escaping a prison full of psychopath’s intent on murdering and raping you or even swimming through a river of blood and flesh, filled with needles, flies birthing wriggling maggots feasting on rotting bodies.

But you are also capable of terror in which brutal dismemberment and disembowelment are a part of combat; you can become the monster and inspire fear into your enemy’s hearts. Hang your enemies with barbed wire as a message to others, drive your fist through a wall and into an adversary’s spine only to tear it out and watch them fall into a fleshy slump.

Outside of the action there is a centre on a deep and complex story, which revolves around the choices you make. The people you meet, the people you save and the people you care for are affected by your choices as you progress - building deep relationships or rivalries with your companions as you adventure through the land.

When you feel like stepping out of the action there’s a range of activities, such as upgrading your home base, going shopping for weaponry and armour down to gifts and clothing for you and your companions, partaking in mini games such as snowboarding, mountain climbing, surfing, volleyball, and Asvaldr’s violent sport: Bloodball.

If you’re more competitive there will be a multiplayer function, in which you create your own Knight and fight for dominance in various arenas featuring good old Death Matches, Fort Capturing and much more. Levelling up and buying better weapons, armour, or even like I said before, clothing to enjoy the mini games for with.

If you want to play as the enemy, there’s always raid mode in which you take up the mantle of a Hellspawn, pillage and destroy towns as you see fit and if you’re lucky enough you can play as one of the Seven Sinbourne, powerful Hellspawn, twisted by their own Sin’s in life.

The game’s art style is highly inspired by games like Dark Souls, Dragon’s Dogma and Dragon Age whilst mixing with the futuristic aspects of games like Dead Space and Mass Effect.

Game play is inspired by Platinum games and their master works such as Vanquish, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and Bayonetta.

Horror elements are inspired by Dead Space, The Thing, SCP, Googling Horror stuff late at night and the more Horror aspect of Resident Evil.


So I hope that sold it to you kehehehe, if you have some spare time, he’s a big ol’ chunk of info on the character’s listed. Going from left to right ^w^ Enjoy!



Name: Orinir Ashbourne (Origin, Child of a Phoenix)

Age: 23

Date of Birth: 14th December 1070

Race: East Asvaldrian – Avian Animaron – Peregrine Falcon

Height: 6’2

Build: Athletic.

Eye Colour: Garnet Red

Hair: Feathery Blonde

Family: Lancelion Ashbourne (Older Brother), Athena Ashbourne (Mother), Olysseus Ashbourne (Father).

Representative Sin: Lust

Ideal Voice Actor: Johnny Yong Bosch


Positive Characteristics:

Charismatic, charming, extremely determined and justice seeking.

Negative Characteristics:

Stubborn, arrogant, violent, proud, pushy, and too determined and believe his own sense of justice is the only one.


Role as a Companion through Social Aspects:

Deep friendship through brotherhood, teaches determination and never to give up.

Role as a Companion through Combat:

Pure high speed damage



‘Phantom’ A one handed, high frequency katana that’s powered by Orinir’s Wind magic. A series of hooks on the back of the blade spin rapidly.



Massively increased reaction time.

Immense speed.

Very weak Regeneration

Extreme precision.

Flight, due to his Avian Animaron traits.

Use of wind magic that he uses to augment his speed by removing any wind resistance and boosting his own movement.

He can sustain a flight speed just over 340 meters a second at sea level for short amounts of time and can move equally as fast in combat when using magic.

Personality, Back story and Role in the Game:

Orinir is young, proud and the most determined character of the entire roster. He represents the Sin of Lust. Not in a way that he is chasing women, but more of a lust for improvement in his own life and for his family and a powerful desire for justice. He is influential and represents the more political side of his family.

His defining feature is his sense of justice. He mercilessly cuts down anyone who opposes his own viewpoint and early in the story cuts off the hand of someone who stole from him and severed the artery of the other. It’s this sense of righteousness that causes him to join Lancelion.

Growing up as the younger brother of an extremely valuable Knight, Orinir developed somewhat of a God complex to deal with the lack of attention he would receive. He became proud and tried to rival his brother in terms of strength and has an irrefutable desire to become as good, if not better than his Brother.  

Orinir’s back story revolves around being in his older brother’s shadow, but he doesn’t resent him. Definitely not, in fact he admires and shares the deepest bond of Brotherhood that you can get. He believes that Lancelion is the reason he is such a respectable individual in that his self confidence and yearning for self victory drove him to rival him and the only reason Orinir ever loses to Lancelion in combat is due to his predictability and lack of endurance. This is caused by the remainder of Infinity which was a deity of Wrath that was given to his Mother to birth a child with Infinity’s traits. Orinir did receive a very small fraction of his power and is the result of his red eyes and short temper when it comes to his pride.

As a child Orinir spent a lot of time with his Mother and was taught to be compassionate and fair. As a result he became a very popular child without any sort of hardship. He did however feel as if he were treated unfairly, especially when he would see his brother enduring the endless torment in which he was being forged to become a warrior. As a comfort and companion to Lancelion he began training himself at a young age.

At the age of twelve Orinir’s wings began to sprout, which is an average age for them to do so. He then took to practising flying as often as he could. Outside of his education, most of his free time was spent soaring. Soon thereafter Orinir grasped wind magic which he used to bolster his skills as an Avian Animaron. When he wasn’t flying, he was training, almost always by himself. The small residual power left by Infinity greatly increased his reaction speed and precision.

By the age of sixteen Orinir was a master flyer and was able to break the sound barrier with the use of his wind magic. He further used it to propel his bodies speed and increase his lethality in combat.

At the age of eighteen, a group of traders from the Eastern land of Solensprung, visited Orinir’s home town of Vali. They sold weapons, trinkets and armours from their home to which Orinir became obsessed with. He bought a sword from them (which was a Katana) and realised how incredibly weak the steel was. He loved it’s appearance but cursed the sword in that it was only useful against unarmoured foes, so he wanted to create his own weapon, using Asvaldr’s own steel, which was far stronger.

Orinir spent a large amount of time learning to be a blacksmith, to which, at the age of twenty two, created his own weapon using the technology and materials of his country to create his own Katana, to which he named Phantom. The sword itself is high frequency and, due to Orinir’s wind magic, vibrates at an incredibly speed which allowed it to cut through nearly anything, including armour and weaker weapons.

By the age of twenty three and at the start of the story, Orinir is a powerful and justice seeking swordsman and nobleman, with a deep love for his family and even deeper respect for his older brother.

Orinir will play the role of ‘most trusted ally’ as a companion, due to being Lancelion’s brother and will join you automatically so long as he is ‘saved’ (which is early on in the story).

In combat he plays the role of damage dealer and can sustain high burst damage. When partnered with Lancelion their executions involve a lot of dismemberment and limb removal.

He enjoys gifts that relate to Solensprung, weaponry and expensive items.

He will wear a mix of formal-casual and is rarely seen without his old torn cravat.

He is a balanced person to go out on the town with and thoroughly enjoys dancing and clubs as well as pubs and taverns, but when drunk is a womaniser and will leave without you often.

As a sportsman, Orinir is fantastic at the volleyball, snowboarding and surfing. Generally speed related sports.

As a worker, Orinir is a master blacksmith and nothing really more.



Name: Arkadius Filius Vastatoris (Son of the Destroyer)

Age: 22

Date of Birth: 21st December 1071

Race: South Asvaldrian – Legendary Animaron - Leviathan

Height: 5’11

Build: Athletic, focus on Core and Legs.

Eye Colour: Amethyst Purple

Hair: Thick perpetual black.

Family: Abaddon Vastatoris (Father)

Representative Sin: Pride

Ideal Voice Actor: Yuri Lowenthal


Positive Characteristics:

Knowledgeable, Powerful, Elegant, Smart, Confident.

Negative Characteristics:

Childish, Proud, Know-it-all, Elitist.


Role as a Companion through Social Aspects:

Mentor role, knows a lot about the world and its lore.

Role as a Companion through Combat:

Damage absorber, damage dealer.



Epoch, a long sword made from the inside of a leviathan tooth, place on a hilt made from black steel feathers and bone, unbreakable and great for defense.



Death Magic.

Incredible defensive skills.

Instead of a large intestine, Arkadius has a Leviathan spawn which bursts from under his sternum and will deflect any attack deemed deadly, this gives him his immortality in combat.

Will stop aging at twenty five.

Personality, Back story and Role in the Game:

Arkadius is a Prince and will eventually become ruler of Asvaldr. As a result, he is incredibly smart, calculating, and other than Lancelion and Axcelion, is the brains behind the team. He also has access to all the worlds history and information thanks to his Father. 

Because of this, Arkadius is a huge know-it-all. He has a vast intelligence and isn’t afraid to brag about it. However he is very humble about his title and within moments of meeting Lancelion, tells him to call him his friend and not his lord. However he will turn on it if it means winning an argument. Arkadius represents Pride, in the way that he knows he is an immortal being, an incredibly smart individual and will eventually rule the known world.

Arkadius was born from his Father’s power and upon creation was already seven years old. So he had much learning to do. He could however walk and talk like a normal child; he was however missing a huge amount of information.

He spent most of his childhood learning. Learning about the world, how things worked, about its people. He wanted to learn everything and see it for himself. He was revealed and treated like a Prince would be, spoilt by his followers, but this didn’t foul his personality. He simply wanted to return the favour and devoted a lot of his free time into learning about his followers and throwing parties for them.

He also devoted a lot of time to art. He loved to paint and draw and even drew his own royal portrait. He believe in balancing logic with creativity as a person and as a possible ruler.

Eventually he was no longer satisfied by books and decided to ask his Father if he could leave the capital city and explore the world for himself. Abaddon allowed it the moment he asked and wasn’t worried at all.

At the age of seventeen, Arkadius donned his suit of armour and decided to travel. He made it his goal to explore the entire world and learn everything about it. He was told about how he would no longer age after he turned twenty five, so he knew he had literally all the time in the world.

What he didn’t know about were that people outside the capital, to whom he was a stranger to most people, were not as kind as those inside. Often using money to buy his way into comfort, this attracted a lot of attention, to which he was captured and held as ransom against the King.

Abaddon simply stared down the captors who tried to slit his Son’s throat, at that instant a creature burst from Arkadius’s stomach and tore out his captor’s throat, shattering the abdominal area of his armour.

From then on Arkadius knew he was nearly invincible. He spent the next few years travelling, staying at taverns and never returning back to the capital, simply because everything interested him. He felt he had to learn what made people act the way they did and learn how to become a great and loved ruler. All the while studying the worlds history and learning it’s people.

Arkadius spent five years travelling until his Father told him he had to attend the Fete of the Sword and meet Lancelion.

By now Arkadius was exceptionally smart, however he had learnt the meaning of equality and that without his title people were a lot more honest around him. Which is something Arkadius values more than anything, Equality and Truth.

Arkadius will play the role of Mentor and will teach you about almost anything you want to know. He also has a variety of stories from travelling and loves the sound of his own voice. He joins automatically without any risk of him not doing so.

In combat he plays the role of Damage absorber, if Lancelion gets close to death Arkadius will make sure all the attention is diverted away from him and jump to his defence, when not on the defensive Arkadius deals sustained damage with a mix of Melee and Magic. Their dual execution involves a lot of magic use.

He enjoys gifts relating to places unexplored and from faraway lands. He also enjoys expensive wines as well as anything that makes him feel more like a normal person.

He wears either Prince clothing that’s bright and adorned with jewellery or commoner clothing.

Arkadius prefers social events when going out to town. He loves to talk to you and about himself. He is also very generous and will buy you or even random people drinks. However if the spotlight isn’t on him he will try to steal it.

As a sportsman, Arkadius loves cardio, so he enjoys running and loves a race but is a total sore loser. He also loves the beach and spends his time showing himself off instead of swimming.

As a worker, Arkadius is a great scribe and artist.



Name: Lancelion Ashbourne (Old Weapon, Lion, Son of a Phoenix.)

Age: 25

Date of Birth: 21th November 1068

Race: East Asvaldrian – Feline Animaron - Lion

Height: 6’7

Build: Athletic and Exceptionally Strong.

Eye Colour: Blood Red

Hair: Jet black.

Family: Orinir Ashbourne (Younger Brother), Athena Ashbourne (Mother), Olysseus Ashbourne (Father).

Representative Sin: Wrath

Ideal Voice Actor: Liam O’Brien


Positive Characteristics:

Honourable, Intelligent, Sharp, Confident, Fearless, Brave, Heroic.

Negative Characteristics:

Brutal, Violent, Short Tempered, Ruthless, Callous, Judgmental.


Role as a Protagonist:

The centre of the story, all choices you make will affect Lancelion’s fate.

Role in Combat:

Entirely up to the player. The trees are:

Stealth, in which Lancelion uses his agility and reflexes to end lives with precision and lethality.

Honourable, in which Lancelion ends life as a necessity without overwhelming violence.

Terror, in which Lancelion inspires fear and dread into his enemies by being as violent and horrifying as possible, with an emphasis on dismembering, disembowelling and disintegrating his opponents whilst causing as much pain as possible.



Chaos - a God-Forged Greatsword that belonged to the deity ‘Infinity’ the embodiment of Wrath - The blades edge can cut through any material if enough force is applied and can be affected by Lancelion’s Infinity System in his armour which can cause the blade to ignite. Furthermore an ethereal chain joins Lancelion to the sword which he can use to throw the blade and drag enemies in or pull himself towards them.

Bedlam - a foot long dagger Lancelion uses for stealth.

Anarchy - Chaos’s sheathe which can be used to fire the blade from its holder for immense speed. It also slides around Lancelion’s waist and up his spine so the blade can be drawn from any point (and so he can walk through doorways x3 )

Aegis of Disorder – Lancelion’s suit of armour, featuring arm blades and integration into his neural system, the suit itself has a regeneration system (regenerating shields excuse) which protects him before he is physically damaged. The armour itself can augment Lancelion’s movements with the expulsion of heat in certain areas to affect certain muscles. So Lancelion can roll and dodge very quickly, as well as increase his strength and speed. However this builds up massive heat which must be expelled through the series of rivets on his shoulders and go on cool down before he can use it again. The helmet also opens at the jaws so Lancelion can use his own fangs. The claws and boots can also be used to scale walls if he cannot be bothered to climb normally, this however creates a lot of noise.



Improved reaction time.

High level of strength.


Fire and it’s more evil counterpart, pain magic.

Hunter vision, which allows Lancelion to detect blood flowing in people’s veins. As a result he can see through walls and target vital organs for stealth gameplay.



Personality, Back story and Role in the Game:

Lancelion is the main character of Sin – Wrath and is a central figure throughout the entire story. He is who you’ll play as throughout the first story and as a result, you’ll decide his outcome. From world changing events to simple conversation you will use Lancelion to evolve the world the way you want to.

Lancelion was bred to become the greatest warrior that ever lived and it’s up to you to make him so.

By default, Lancelion is the embodiment of Wrath. He is callous and cruel, brutal and merciless. But he is also human, meaning he has the capacity to be compassionate, caring and even loving (if you decide him to be so.) He values family over all and loves and admires his Father more than anything.

You will decide his true personality in the end. Who he will kill, who he will save - Who he will hate and who he will love.

Lancelion’s history is forged around being the perfect Knight from his birth. During a War which erased all known life in the initial world, the Anhel: ‘Infinity’ was killed and refused life due to his brutality and lack of care for human life. Infinity’s soul was placed inside a woman called Athena, who was married to a man Olysseus, the greatest Knight to have ever lived so far. Athena gave birth to many children, each who were baptised in blood to try and awaken Infinity but all died due to stress. Her fifth child, Lancelion was baptised and survived, and within moments his eyes were open and were the colour of blood, his fangs and claws also grew exceptionally fast.

Lancelion’s childhood is the story’s tutorial, so you can grow attached from the start. (Hopefully)

From the age of five when Lancelion first uttered the word ‘Ignis’ and was able to control fire, he was thrown into a training which would last for the next sixteen years. He was trained mercilessly to use fire to cause pain and destruction.

At the age of seven he was thrown into a cage used for animal fighting with a full grown man - a prisoner and a psychopath. He was beaten and bruised and wounded on the premise that if the man killed Lancelion, he would be free. Lancelion turned to see his Father’s disappointment and sadness and within that moment he used his strength to turn the battle around, using flame and unnatural strength to murder the man. The was the first time he saw his Father smile and give off proud, and to that Lancelion began to find comfort and pleasure in killing.

Soon thereafter, men would beg not to be thrown in the cage with the child. With each kill, Lancelion took in their blood and further awakened Infinity. One day he snapped and his eyes began to glow and give off a red mist, this was his hunter vision in which he could see his opponent’s organs. He would tear out their hearts, their gullets and break their limbs. Which each battle he became stronger and more brutal.

By the time he was thirteen Lancelion was muscular, powerful and hateful. When he wasn't fighting in the cage he would spend solitary nights studying in the library on great heroes and wars, all the while trying to make his father proud. In the mornings he would wake and work out, running in the forest, training his body.

In his next battle he was given his first blade, to which he trained endlessly. He broke his opponent’s legs by kicking his knees and snapping then the wrong way. Afterwards he would remove each individual finger and toe, one by one, all the while taunting him and talking down to him, before he hacked away at the man’s neck. That was when he fell in love with the blade and learned to forge his own.

At the age of seventeen he was ordered to fight his own Father, weaponless. This, Lancelion couldn’t do, so he simply gave in, much to his Father’s dismay.

Lancelion was beaten close to death, which caused his regeneration to develop, however his body couldn’t handle the stress and heat caused by his new found ability and spent the next year bedridden.

Upon the age of eighteen, Lancelion was given his final trial. To survive a year in the wilderness, off the land and return once it was over.

His time in the forest he spent hunting, eating, training and sleeping, making his own weapons from rocks and sticks. Occasionally Knights would send a criminal on death row and told them if they could navigate the forest, they were free. Lancelion would then hunt them down and spend his nights torturing them.

Lancelion returned home, his face thick with stubble and his hair long and unkempt, which he has kept ever since.

Olysseus was exceptionally proud and initiated Lancelion into the Order of Knights to which he ranked up quickly.

Lancelion spent the next six years training further, taking on as many quests and missions as possible, until he reached the rank of Ophanim, three ranks below leading his own Battalion, unfortunately due to his eagerness, this left the other Knights without much to do, so he was made to stay at his village for the foreseeable future.

Which is where you will start, the night of Lancelion’s twenty fifth birthday, which he has to spend doing guard patrol. However it will turn out to be an action packed night, and hopefully an action packed story from start to finish.

Lancelion plays the role of either Hero or Anti-Hero. His choices will mostly be good, evil or neutral. However sometimes it’s a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils. Entirely up to you. After the prologue, Lancelion is yours to play with ^w^

In combat, Lancelion can play any role you choose as I stated earlier.

Because you play as him, Lancelion cannot buy gifts for himself, however your companions can for you.

You can also decide Lancelion’s casual clothing. Outside of combat each character has a wide wardrobe to choose from. His default clothing is his black suit that he reveals his pecs, necklace and forearms and donnes a pair of black gloves.

You’ll decide what night out he enjoys, from clubbing to quiet dinner, from pub crawls to a night at home. There’s a biiig variety.

Sports wise Lancelion will enjoy any mini game, snowboarding, swimming, volleyball, surfing, running and various others.

As a worker, Lancelion can do every job.



Name: Somnus Icarian Chronicle (Slumber, Icarus, Story.)

Age: 21

Date of Birth: 13th May 1072

Race: East Asvaldrian – Avian Animaron - Roc

Height: 6’0

Build: Athletic

Eye Colour: Silver

Hair: Greying Black

Family: All deceased.

Representative Sin: Envy

Ideal Voice Actor: Vic Mignogna


Positive Characteristics:

Loyal, Honest, Sweet, Kind, Listener.

Negative Characteristics:

Depressed, Anxious, Nervous, Either short tempered or goes totally silent and sad. Thinks he’s worthless.


Role as a Companion through Social Aspects:

Great to talk to, understanding, offers advice on negative events, can become a true friend.

Role as a Companion through Combat:

Secretive damage dealer, he will draw no aggression but can land the most brutal attacks and deal huge damage.



Two steam powered arm blades that force outwards. (Imagine two really long hidden blades on the top of his arms.)

Deception – A massive halberd with the same ethereal chain as Chaos. That allows him to drag the weapon back after its use.



Cloud breaking flight, due to the size of his wings, Somnus can fly higher than most avian Animaron.

Exceptional stealth abilities.

Exceptional acrobatic skill.

High flexibility and agility.

Earth magic in the form of green crystals.

Great at stealing.

Personality, Back story and Role in the Game:

Somnus is easily my most depressed character, growing up with a seemingly endless streak of bad luck. He is the youngest of the roster and easily trusting but highly volatile and a couple of wrong choices can end up with his betrayal. 

Because of his trust he will admire you from the get go as a leader and his loyalty in unwavering in combat. So long as you keep him happy and talk to him now and again he’ll be a lot happier. You essentially help give his life purpose and save him from a life of imprisonment and sadness. He suffers from crippling anxiety which causes him to hide his face from the nose and down with an elaborate mask, due to his ex lovers cheating way, making him think that everything was his fault, down to his personality and even appearance. The only way he’ll remove it is if you manage to become a true friend. (He is a fairly handsome man underneath.)

Somnus was born to a poor family, an abusive and greedy Father and a submissive Mother. Working the farms from a very young age, all of his wages were given to his Father, who would spend it on unnecessary things, such as alcohol and foods they could not afford.

As a result Somnus became addicted to self harm, in areas which he could hide such as his thighs, to escape further beatings.

Somnus’s giant wings developed when he was thirteen, which is considered somewhat late. He did however practise and practise nonstop. He tried flying higher than any Animaron had before and when he broke the clouds he was finally proud of himself. He kept it a secret from his Father but continued to practise.

He joined the Knights at the age of eighteen as an escape from home and to make some of his own money.

During his training Somnus was bullied endlessly, for his appearance and for scars which he had left from his early self harming sessions. 

After the first half of the year, Somnus returned home to find his Mother had received a large inheritance, which his Father threatened her for and eventually took away. His Father purposely bought a house that could only fit himself and his wife. So Somnus was forced to sleep in the stables and continue to work the farms as he did before.

He did however meet a girl named Cida, who was part of a travelling group of traders who had set up on the farm. He fell in love with her very quickly, as did she and for once, Somnus was happy.

After the break was over, Somnus returned to the Knight training with the hair cut he has present. This drew more ridicule and Somnus got into many fights he couldn’t win. He relied on Cida as a support and sent her many letters.

Somnus returned home as a fully fledged Knight, only his final trial remained in which he was to be judged on a Sin that he would have to conquer.

Upon returning he found his Mother’s gravestone. She had died of ‘illness’ which Somnus later found on a note to be a lie. In actuality she was being abused even more by her husband due to the copious amounts of alcohol he could now afford and that Somnus wasn’t there to defend her. This left him feeling guilty and angry, feelings which he let out on his Father. Upon his arrival home from a drunken night out, Somnus assaulted his Father, breaking all the expensive belongings. He ended his life by grabbing his Father, flying higher than he ever had and dropping him, leading him to a screaming and explosive death.

Because there was no body, Somnus returned for his final trial, which he was desperate to mantle him with Wrath so that he could let out all his aggression. The trial deemed him with Envy and told him he was in fact jealous of his Father.

Somnus deserted the Knight order, and joined Cida’s trading caravan. Until they reached the town of Gate in which they settled down. Eventually Somnus was a wanted man and was caught and taken to Vali for a trial.

Through his skills and agility, Somnus escaped his holding cell and stole a suit of armour and halberd. He then flew away high above the clouds where no man could catch him.

He sought out an order called ‘The Syndicate’ a group of Thieves, Assassin’s and information brokers. He was accepted for his acrobatics and ability to fly as high as he could. He also learned to become extremely accurate with his Halberd as if it were a javelin, using it to skewer his targets from thousands of meters above the ground, before returning it to his hand with the ethereal chain.

Somnus returned home to Cida, donned with his new mask, given to him by The Syndicate. Only to find her in bed with another man, a Knight no less – he almost went berserk, but Cida threatened to reveal his secret if he didn’t leave.

Somnus’s depression had hit rock bottom and even started sprouting gray hairs. He flew to the hill that overlooked the town and pondered ending his own life.

Which is where you come in; he notices you and flies off. You can then choose to help him in a small personal quest by punishing his ex-lover; this will cause him to join you. If you ignore him however you can later find him hung by his own intestines in the Capital cities jail.

Somnus plays the role of the people you are trying to save by being a hero. I also want him to connect with a lot of players, because teenagers are suffering from depression and anxiety more than ever and I want to show that with a little help and self confidence you can truly be a happier person.

In combat Somnus will skewer his opponents and follow your orders to the letter. Apart from one of the female characters, Somnus is the only character who will help you in stealth based combat.

He enjoys all forms of gifts, regardless of price. He especially enjoys gifts that relate to happiness and cheering people up, such as teddy bears and sweet things.

Somnus wears common clothing and doesn’t really care so long as he covers his face. Mostly scarves and masks, so long as his face is hidden. He does however acknowledge he has a good figure and doesn’t mind wearing things that show it off a bit more.

For nights out, Somnus enjoys dark clubs and dark music he also enjoys live bands. He also enjoys one on one at pubs and taverns and enjoys nights in at home simply playing games. In a group Somnus doesn’t like feeling left out.

Sports wise, Somnus is great at anything that requires agility and acrobatics, so he loves Snowboarding and the clothes he gets to wear whilst doing so.

As a worker Somnus is good at agriculture.



Name: Axcelion Israfel (Excel, Lion, Poem by Edgar Allan Poe)

Age: 39

Date of Birth: 15th September 1054

Race: South Asvaldrian – Legendary Animaron - Chimera

Height: 6’7

Build: Strong

Eye Colour: Yellow

Hair: Black

Family: Sotus Blackhart (Son) Soleanna Israfel (Wife)

Representative Sin: Sloth

Ideal Voice Actor: Steve Blum


Positive Characteristics:

Honourable, Intelligent, Heroic, Majestic, Loyal, Family Man.

Negative Characteristics:

Iron Willed, Elitist, Uses Authority, Alcohol Lover.


Role as a Companion through Social Aspects:

A man who Lancelion can look up to as a sort of ‘Replacement Father’, Axcelion is regarded as a Hero.

Role as a Companion through Combat:

Damage absorber.



Regret, a Large silver cross that he uses to channel his magic, create shields and weaponry whilst using it as a hilt.



Exceptional Strategist.

Massively strong.

Water Magic.


Personality, Back story and Role in the Game:

At his Core, Axcelion is kind, loving and care free. But when working, he demands respect and uses his authority to do so. However he is far from cold, he values human life and hates losing men.

He believes he needed to be a man his son could admire, which clicks with Lancelion. As such Axcelion joined the Knights to become a Hero. On the battlefield, Axcelion is a strategic genius and has ended many wars with simple words - which will clash with Lancelion if he is being particularly violent.

Axcelion grew up in the town of Gate. Which gets its name for being a wall based town that leads to the capital city. As a result it’s subject to attack from Hellspawn regularly, and anyone outside at the Knight after the gate has been closed is subject to death. Axcelion was one of these people; he however was saved by his Father and taken back to the town. He thought of this man as a Hero and made it his mission to join him on the battlefield and become his own breed of Hero.

Axcelion joined the Knight order at eighteen, after an extended education in which he graduated at the top of his classes. He studied wars, battles and everything he could to become the ultimate tactician.

During his first week in the Order, he was given a squire named Sol. Of whom he instantly knew was a girl. She however dressed as a boy so she could be part of the Order as girls weren’t allowed.

During the first few months he grew closer to Sol, and it was obvious she did too. After much to and fro-ing, Axcelion called her out, she revealed herself to be named Soleanna, a girl of whom he had spent a lot of his time in school with.

The two were together almost instantly. Axcelion talked his way into allowing her a pardon and for calling the lead Knights idiots for not noticing earlier.

Very quickly, Soleanna fell pregnant. Axcelion however did not want to abort; instead he wanted to become a man that the child could love. He proposed to Soleanna and they were married soon after.

Upon the child’s birth, Axcelion was very drunk and instead of naming the child, ‘Solus’ like he intended, he ended up spelling it as ‘Sotus’ and so the name stuck.

The next sixteen years, Axcelion spent his time becoming the greatest leader he could be. Fighting his way to the top until he became a Seraphim, which is the highest rank a Knight can obtain.

Axcelion was given a battalion to command, in which he was ordered on a Crusade to liberate Heidrun, (which is France) from the barbarians that lived there. He took his battalion the channel and lead an entire army with the other Seraphim, Olysseus, Lancelion’s Father.

Olysseus and Axcelion became friends quickly and deeply respected one another. Within months The Knight Order had a major foothold and the war with the Barbarians had ended at Axcelion’s sword, forcing the Barbarian’s king to surrender.

He became a Hero and was regarded at history’s greatest tactician. He was finally the Hero his son could look up to.

However he was forced to stay in Heidrun and couldn’t return home- which is where you meet him, and using your authority you offer to return to Asvaldr with him in tow, he joins you and thanks you.

Axcelion plays the Hero all Knights want to be. I want him to be the character who players will look up to also, as a figure of good and authority.

In combat Axcelion plays the role of tank and will constantly weave into the minds of his opponents to distract them for you. He and Lancelion’s executions are strategic and deadly.

Axcelion enjoys gifts of alcohol, especially whisky, and anything that reminds him of home.

He wears formal clothing almost all the time. Because he is a very handsome man, but married, he will always try to be on a level below yourself.

Going out, Axcelion only loves the pub as he feels too old for clubs. He will talk and drink and talk and drink and then moan about his son and how far away he is.

Sports wise Axcelion is great at strength and tactical based games, such as rock climbing and swimming.


Jesus. That’s nearly 6000 words. I bet you didn’t read it all. I spent like 3 hours typing that out D: and you can expect the same for the female roster. 

Which will be coming soon. For now I'm going to rest my hands.


Painttool SAI - 10000X3340 Canvas

WACOM Intuos4 Medium

References Used:

Various Dark Souls Concept Art

Various Dead Space Concept Art

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If you like, Resident Evil 6 can be the next game I get you ^w^ Tell me which you want the most >w<

Thank you for commenting on each one as well D:

Orinir is the prettier version of Lancelion and has a more feminine face than him and yes he has wings too ^w^ 

I'm glad you agree with Yuri Lowenthal as a VA, he's got a high-ish pitched voice and it great at shouting x3 

That's why I wanted to make Arkadius scary aswell, with his helmet that you saw and this big gross serpent thingy that splits open his belly D: 

I'm so glad you like Lancelion's armour, it's been through a million redesigns but I'm finally happy with it D: Just designing the back too D: 
Lancelion has lots of weapons because he's a warrior but also to give the player a variety and choice in battle ^w^ A two handed sword is usually a good typical hero weapon (Dante, Cloud, Zack before him) Plus they are manly because they require a lot of strength and, ehem, two hands.

And all men love playing as a brutal character, and it's great when the main hero doesn't take crap from anyone and can be a total badass without an repercussions.

Only Avian Animaron's can fly. Most of the population of the planet are Animaron, which is a genetically modified human with animal traits, so Feline ones have claws and fangs whereas Avian's have wings and can fly. The black stripes on my character's face represent their animal trait. ^w^ And it's a genetic thing like eye colour, so a Mother can be Avian and the father Feline and the child can inherit either or another race further down the line ^w^

Axcelion was the first picture of mine you commented on kehehe: Concept - General Israfel by MisterMya  I left his face out because of the original ^w^

I knew you'd like that idea, well if you are still up for the illustrating job (for each chapter of my novel >w< )you can always draw those two ^w^

Thank you again for reading it all, it's so so so sweet of you ^w^ I did the same with your lab notes on Lerato and Kayun and the like <3 

Hopefully that'll be done soon and I can host another contest >w<
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Lancelions armor is perfect! No worries! :la: AND AWWW ZACK i love him and his double-hand sword *cries*

Ooooh so that's how their genes work and whas the black marks are for .0. Didnt know!!

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